South Hills Model Railroad Club

SHMRRC Free-Mo Electrical
Connectors and Connectors
revised 8-22-09

The Free-Mo standard suggests that Cinch Jones plugs be used as connectors between the main line track on modules.

These connectors are no longer commonly used or readily available.  For this reason we have decided to use the connectors described here.

The connectors are from a web vendor called Deal Extreme.  They are item # 10788, High Current Ultra Plugs T Connector (10+10-Pack) + Shrink Tubing (20-Pack) Set - the price for a set of 10 pair is only $6.33 including shipping.

The two contacts are clearly shown in this photo:

It is recommended that we use the contact that is parallel to the longer dimension of the connector for the negative terminal and the contact that is perpendicular to that terminal as the positive.  The red tubing is pointing at the contact that will be positive.

In addition it is recommended that the positive connection will go to the rail that is farthest from the "front" edge of the module.

These photos show a male and a female connection.  It is recommended that a male and a female connector be wired in parallel at each end of the module.



This diagram shows the recommended wiring for each module.  Note that "W" means white wire.  Red, white and black wire is used.

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