SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday April 27, 2016

 Meeting was held at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


            Jeff Graybill

            Dave Bodnar

Bill Baldwin

            Rich Aubel

            Paul Kwiecinski

            Luke Kwiecinski

Bernie Gordon

Alex Binder

Dave Murphy

            Dave Maynard

            Dave Tepe


Presidents Report:

We will most likely be setting up the modular layout in conjunction with Division 2 NMRA at the Greenberg show July 16 & 17.  This has not been confirmed as the space required has become an issue.

The N scale layout is stored at the church and plans and groups will be organized for parts of the construction.  Jeff will be leveling the roadbed and installing track before scenery construction starts.

Talks and plans will continue with the Mt. Historical Society.

Nothing new on a possible trip to Age of Steam collection in Ohio.  We will need to interest other clubs in order to meet their 40 person requirement.

            We are checking prices on shirts or vests to wear as �uniforms� during our public displays.

            Bill Baldwin mentioned that memorial for Wally Workmaster will be held at the Mt. Lebanon Historical Society.

 Treasurers Report:

The treasury remains in good shape.


Dave Bodnar showed small adjustable voltage regulator which displays voltage and current values and an ambient light detector for stopping trains or controlling other devices.

Rich Auber showed a flashing LED with control circuit included in the wiring also painted scale golfers and scratch made golf carts.