South Hills Model Railroad Club

Meeting Minutes for August 20th, 2009


President’s Report:

-         Thank Paul Hanson for use of his basement

-         Purchased the Digitrax DCC system for the club with club funds

-         Purchased the module paint for the club with club funds


Treasurer’s Report:

    $772.00 minus DCC stuff in club account


Secretary’s Report:

-         None


New Business:

-         Ballast: Decided to find a big tub of mixed gray ballast for club use.

-         Jeff Graybill will email Penn State Model Railroad Club to see what they use.


-         Motion: Pay Paul Hanson $25 for use of house as meeting location. Unanimously passed.


Old Business:

-         There will be a building session on Saturday, August 22nd from 1pm – 5pm