SHMRRC Minutes for the Monthly Meeting
Date: December 28, 2021 at 7:00 pm
revised 1-1-22
Meeting was held at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.
           Jeff Graybill, President
Dave Bodnar, Treasurer
Dave Murphy
Dave Maynard
           Rich Aubel, Secretary
           Dale Vilsack
Paul Kwiecinski
 Presidents Report:
Locomotion Weekend will be held on Saturday January 15th and Sunday January 16th, 2022.  Setup will be on Friday January 14th but as of this meeting we do not have details as to when and where.  Jeff Graybill will email the information as soon as the Science Center notifies us.
The Greenberg Train Show will occur on Saturday February 26th and Sunday February 27th.  Based on previous Greenberg shows the setup will be on Friday February 25th.  More information will be discussed at the January meeting.
The previous show at Scott Township was well attended on Thursday December 16th but attendance was very low on Friday December 17th. Various problems with the DCC Loconet and some derailments will be addressed at the next show. The event also raised $62 for the Scott Township Library. We have a few items to discuss with the township concerning advertising and lighting before doing another show. 
Treasurers Report:
Due to an early dues payment from one member the balance in the treasury increased to $4,248.25 in cash and savings. Dues will be collected at the January meeting and, after a brief discussion, will remain at $35.
Jeff Graybill inquired about locations to obtain repair parts for an O Scale locomotive. Bill & Walt’s Hobby Shop in White Oak was suggested. Consulting with the “Train Doctors” during the Science Center Locomotion Weekend was also suggested.
Rich Aubel brought a small selection of glues bought at the Dollar Tree Store in South Park Shops for one dollar each. Also presented was Canopy Glue which was not from the dollar store but seems to be very useful especially joining two unlike materials.
Next Meeting:
The next SHMRRC meeting will be at the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church at 7:00 pm on January 25, 2022.
Please email any corrections or omissions of the minutes.