SHMRRC Minutes                                                        
Wednesday December 6, 2017
Meeting was held at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.
           Jeff Graybill
           Warren Ashbrook
Dave Murphy
Dave Bodnar
Dave Maynard
           Rich Aubel 
           Mike Rahim
           Joe Babyak
Dave Tepe
Presidents Report:
   Mt. Lebanon Lite Nite was a success although attendance was lower than last year, possibly because of the Steeler game.  We do not have an answer from the World’s Greatest Hobby show in January.  Jeff will keep us posted via email.  The Science center is definitely out because of construction.
  Jeff reports that the owner of Age of Steam in Ohio, has passed.  He anticipates that the museum may eventually be open to the public on more convenient schedule.
Treasurers Report:
   The treasury remains in good shape.  Dave will be collecting dues at the Jan. 31st meeting.
               Dave Bodnar showed two small electric screwdrivers for precision work, also various miniature electrical connectors.  Jeff brought in an assortment of HO kits, cars locomotives and buildings free for the taking.