SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday February 22, 2017


Meeting was held at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.



            Jeff Graybill

            Warren Ashbrook

            Dave Murphy

Dave Bodnar

Bill Baldwin

Bernie Gordon

            Dave Maynard

            Rich Aubel

            Rick Lambert

            Bruce Watkins

Dave Tepe


Presidents Report:

This summer, June we will do the TCA convention at the Windom Hotel June 28, 29 and 30.  The club will most likely pay parking expenses.  Although the convention runs June24 through July 2, we will be involved from Wed. through Sat.  There will be an AMTRAK trip to Altoona, you must purchase your own ticket.

We will not participate in the summer Greenberg show.

Warren reports that the Scenic Express tour will likely be later in the year.

Bill Baldwin reports that the History center will take longer than expected because they discovered painted murals and have hired someone to restore them.

The club logo has been chosen and is presented on the web site, ours and the TCA’s.  The issue of shirts and badges is being considered along with ballpoint pens.


Treasurers Report:

The treasury remains in good shape.  The club will reimburse for parking at the Windom.



Rich Aubel is working on scenery for another 18” module.  He and Dave Bodnar built a working volcano for the module.  Rich also offered dried sedum stems and flowers to member who can use them to make trees.  Dave Bodnar showed bridges of wood which can be cut to any scale using the software and laser cutter.