SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday February 29, 2012

Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


Jeff Grabill

Dave Bodnar

Dave Maynard

Rick Lambert

Chuck Dollins

Bud Brock

Dale Vilsak

Kent Miller

Dave Tepe

Presidents Report:

Jeff led a discussion of the Greenberg show in July. He will determine if we can have a slot for displaying our N-scale layout at the show.

He also discussed the possibility that we have a field trip to the group that meets at the Venetia school.

Administrators from Vanadium Woods visited the meeting and voiced approval of our meetings. We briefly discussed having our N-scale layout on display at this location.


Treasurers Report:

Dues collection continues with several not paid yet. We have 15 paid members. The treasury is in good shape.


Dave Bodnar installed temporary track patterns on the foam board and we had 2 trains running and 1trolley after all tracks were tested with 2 of Dave’s trolleys. Dale provided 2 locomotives and rolling stock for the trains. They negotiated the grades with no trouble. Some changes where suggested. Members are encouraged to shop for buildings which might be appropriate for the layout. If possible obtain a footprint of the structure.