SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday February 27, 2013

Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


Jeff Graybill

Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Bud Brock

Dave Maynard

Rick Lambert

Kent Miller

Dave Tepe

Presidents Report:


Jeff is checking the possibility of a modular setup at the July Greenberg show. He will do a program on installing DCC in locomotives next month. There was discussion of storage for the N scale module when finished. Suggestions for future programs are welcome.


Treasurers Report:

The treasury remains in good shape. A reminder that 2013 dues are due at your earliest convenience. Warren is working toward giving a donation gift to Vanadium Woods.


Dave Bodnar showed remote controlled servos and small motors for controlling couplers and accessories.


The N scale layout is progressing with the terrain being roughed in with plaster. We will be purchasing a motorized amusement park ride for the layout.