SHMRRC Minutes

Thursday February 17, 2011

Meeting was held at the Castle Shannon Library.


Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Rick Lambert

Tom Frommer

Kent Miller

Chuck Dollins

Dave Maynard

Dave Tepe

Bill Baldwin

Dale Vilsac

Presidents Report:

Possible setup for the July Greenburg Show is undecided.

Jamboree is on April 9th - there will be no layouts set up for the jamboree

Treasurers Report:

We received money from the Greenburg Show. The balance is $884.00 not counting dues still being collected.

Old Business:

Dave Maynard set up at the recent Greenburg Show and made contacts with some prospective new members. He did not have any cards but informed them of our web site and meeting details.

New Business:

Vanadium Woods Senior Residence was discussed as a possible meeting site and possible set up location.

Dave Bodner will give a presentation on model railroad electronics at the next meeting, March 17, at CS Library unless otherwise notified via email otherwise.


Kent Miller gave an excellent presentation and instructions on ballasting. Everyone had their own sample to work on and an extra to take home for more practice.

We also got an instruction sheet with a list of materials. If anyone wants a copy somebody will surly be able to provide a copy.