SHMRRC Minutes                                                        

Wednesday, January 2020


The meeting was held at the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, Jeff Graybill presiding.



            Jeff Graybill, President

            Warren Ashbrook, Vice President

Dave Bodnar, Treasurer

Rich Aubel

            Dale Vilsack

            Dave Maynard

Paul Kwiecinski

Alan Skwarla

MK Rahim

Bud Brock

Paul Mooney

Tom Mooney

Chris Kipp

Dave Tepe, Secretary


Presidents Report

            A motion was made and seconded to retain present officers as noted above.

The Science Center show was a success although loading in and out caused some members inconvenience.  The Science Center has already scheduled the next Locomotion weekend for the 16th and 17th of January 2021.


The Scott Twp. Setup probably March 6th and 7th.  Dave Murphy will keep us posted of any developments.  There will be a scavenger hunt and a raffle for a starter train set.


We will not participate in the Greenberg show Feb. 22nd and 23rd but will in the in the summer show.


Kent Millerís equipment is still available and there will possibly be a sort of open house for members who may be interested in rescuing items Feb. 29th.  Warren will keep us posted


Treasurers Report

            The treasury remains in good shape.  Please bring dues to the next meeting.



Vagel Keller, Industrial Historian, gave a presentation on the PRR and the B&SGE narrow gauge RR and associated industries in south eastern PA and his operating model.  Check his web site:  A high quality video of his layout is on B&SGE Trains-YouTube.