SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday January 25, 2012

Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


Jeff Grabill

Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Paul Kwiecinski

Dave Maynard

Rick Lambert

Bernie Gorden

Chuck Dollins

Bud Brock

Dave Tepe

Bill Baldwin

Presidents Report:

Jeff mentioned upcoming train shows: TCA Jan. 29 at Four Points Hotel, Cranberry, and Greenberg Feb. 11 -12, at the Monroeville Convention Ctr. Members commented that the show at Library PA Fire Hall was disappointing.

Jeff showed his home N scale layout on 2 Styrofoam with track secured with hot glue for easy removal.


Treasurers Report:

Dues collection continues with success. The treasury is in good shape.

Dave purchased a hollow door for our N scale project and cut it to size


Dave Bodnar showed a variac with a step-down transformer and a volt meter for operating low voltage devices such as foam cutters etc.

Paper was laid out on the door which will serve as base for our N scale project and proposed track plans, terrain, scenery and structure location were discussed. Styrofoam will be overlaid on the door to allow for sculpted terrain features. Warren will computer diagram the layout as it stands now.