SHMRRC Minutes
Wednesday January 28, 2015

Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.

	Jeff Graybill
	Warren Ashbrook
	Dave Bodnar
	Dave Maynard
	Paul Kwiecinski
	Bernie Gordon
	Bill Baldwin
	Rick Lambert
	Dale Vilsak
	Richard Aubel
	Kathy Chrisanty, Guest
	Dave Tepe

Presidents Report:
	We will pass on the Nov. Greenberg Show but members may integrate with Division II Model RRs.  We will participate in the July 11-12 Greenberg show.
	A motion was made to retain the present slate of officers and seconded and approved.

Treasurers Report:
	The treasury remains in good shape.  Dues for 15 were and are being collected at the same $35.  A gift card was given to Vanadium Woods in appreciation of the use of the meeting space.

	Dave Bodnar showed a defect detector which counts axels of passing trains, reports information via digitally stored voice files and broadcast results over a low power FM frequency.
	Richard Aubel showed a scratch built distillery model.
	Past activities and future plans were discussed for the benefit of new members and guests.  
	Venders you might want to check: &