South Hills Model Railroad Club

Meeting Minutes for January 21st, 2010


Meeting Attendees:

Jeff Graybill

Paul Hanson

Dave Maynard

Dave Bodnar

Kent Miller

Warren Ashbrook

Paul Kwiecinski

Chuck Dollins

Rick Lambert



            President: Jeff Graybill

            V.P.: Open

            Secretary: Open

            Treasurer: Dave Bodnar



            Remain at $35.00/year


President’s Report:

            -We will have a dry run setup of our free-mo modules on March 6th at the Community Library of Castle Shannon.  Setup will start at 10am sharp, open to public from 1:00pm – 4:00pm, tear down and leave by 5:00pm.


Treasurer’s Report:

    $317.00 + Dues


Old Business:

-         None


New Business:

-         Goals for the year

o       Get Free-mo modules working

o       Get to and thru the Jamboree successfully

o       Public show later this year (maybe July Greenberg Show)

o       Try to get an appointment with Scenic Express

o       Try to get another scale modular layout going

-         Paul H. identified a cheap / easy way to make DCC bus connections on the modules.

-         Email Dave Bodnar about needed jumpers for bus wires

o       Give needed length


Next Meeting:

-         Next meeting is February 18th, 2010

-         Work Sessions start again at Paul Hanson’s (2nd & 4th Saturday’s of February)