South Hills Model Railroad Club

Meeting Minutes for July 16th, 2009


President’s Report:

    -There will be a building session at Paul Hanson’s house on July 25th from 1pm – 5pm

    -I will pick up the club’s module paint before the building session


Treasurer’s Report:

     -There is $667.00 in the club account.

     -There is a new online model railroad magazine called “Model Railroad Hobbyist”


Secretary’s Report:

     -There are train items for sale from an estate and proceeds will go to the club.  See Wally Workmaster or Bill Baldwin for details.

     -The club should hold on to the photo albums from the estate sale.

     -Bill Baldwin will check on the room for lease at the Municipal Building.


New Business:

     -Motion to use club funds to purchase module paint.  Unanimously passed.