South Hills Model Railroad Club


Minutes of the Meeting of July 17th 2008


            The July 17th meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. The following were present: Jeff Graybill, Dave Bodnar, Bill Baldwin, Regis Eiben, David Tepe, Dale Vilsack, Vince Polis, David Maynard, Warren Ashbrook.


            Dave Bodnar presented an excellent program on electronic sounds, controls, and sound equipment.


            President Graybill opened the Business Meeting at 7:50  PM.

            He reported that he would visit a possible club layout location at the Venitia School, Peters Township next week. He indicated that he would also check the possible site at St. Catherineís School in Beechview in the near future.


            Treasurer Dave Bodnar reported a balance of $322.00. Rent will be due next month to the Library in the amount of $120.00. This will cover us until 12/31/08.


            Regis Eiben submitted designs for proposed Golf and T Shirts with a logo similar to that used on the web site. The members present indicated interest in this project. The Golf Shirt was preferred. Choice of color will be discussed at the next meeting.


            President Graybill announced the following future programs:

            August 21st  Swap Meet

            Jeff Will circulate lists of memberís items for sale/swap and items which members are interested

            in acquiring.

            September 18th Ken Hanawalt on car card systems

            October 11-12 Possible Trip to East Broad Top RR


            The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM

            WK Baldwin, Secretary