SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday July 29, 2015

 Meeting was held at Dave Bodnarís shop, President Jeff Graybill presiding. 


            Jeff Graybill

            Warren Ashbrook

            Dave Bodnar

Dave Maynard

            Paul Kwiecinski

            Rick Lambert

            Tom Frommeyer

            Rich Aubel

            Dave Murphy

            Dave Tepe


Program preceding the meeting:

Dave demonstrated his laser burner:  How the laser is reflected down to the material platform.  How the depth of the cut is controlled and how the design to cut is controlled by a plug in to Corel Draw software.  Multiple burns beginning with the lowest power first produce finished products etched and cut to the desired shape.

 Treasurers Report:

            The treasury remains in good shape

 Presidents Report:

Efforts to meet with Mt. Lebanon Historical Society to explore the possibilities of locating a layout in their building are ongoing

Dave Bodnar suggested that we might participate in the Pittsburgh Maker Faire, October 10 and 12 at Allegheny Center.  We have not received final confirmation.  Their web site is

We will participate in the Mt. Lebanon Lite Night display at the Municipal Bldg. Nov.19 & 20. And the Train Weekend at the Science Center in December.