Minutes of the Meeting of June 19th 2008


The June meeting of the SHMRRC was called to order at 7 PM in the Castle Shannon Library.


The following members were present: Bill Baldwin, Regis Eiben, Jim Fahrson, Vince Polis, Kent Miller, Wally Workmaster, Dan Tul, Jeff Graybill, Dale Vilsack, David Maynard, Dave Bodnar, Paul Hanson, Chuck Dollins, Dave Tepl, Chester Cecotti.


The program Consisted of DVD”S of the following:

                       West Penn Model Railroad club layout

                        Penn State Model Railroad club layout

                        Dan Tul’s home layout

                        “Entombment of Penn State layout for overhead repairs.


President Jeff Graybill called the Business Meeting to order at 7:40PM.


            Mr. Graybill reported as follows:

1.      The November 2008 Greenburg show has been advanced to October which does not leave us enough time to prepare a Free-Mo exhibit. Future shows will be held at an exhibition facility near Greensburg.

2.      There was a general discussion of acquiring club T shirts in a $15-20/ea price range. The member’s name could be added. A sample logo was provided. Several members expressed interest.

3.      Layout Location

Jeff reported that the Bridgeville Station could no longer be considered. The Bridgeville Historical Society has sold the property to a foundation, report- ably for $175,000. Investigation continues of the Venitia School in Peters Township an of St. Catherine’s School in Beechview. The possibility of use of a building aty the County fair grounds will also be investigated.

4.      Future programs will be a presentation by Ken Hannawalt on operations and a     

Swap Meet.

Treasurer’s Report

            Mr. Bodnar reported a balance of $ 328.00


            The meeting was adjourned at 8:08PM