SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday June 29, 2011

Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


Jeff Grabill

Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Bud Brock

Kent Miller

Dave Maynard

Paul Kwiecinski

Bernie Gordon

Bill Baldwin

Rick Lambert

Chuck Dollins

Dave Tepe

Presidents Report & Business

Members wishing to join Division II at the July 15th Greenberg Show should contact them so they can plan to fit your module into their layout. They have computer files of your module and can drop it in the appropriate space.

The winter show will be Nov. 12 & 13. We will be participating if space permits.

Our July 27th meeting is important. We will discuss details and feasibility of building a portable display layout that we can set up at libraries and other venues that are willing to give us temporary space.

The SHMRRC has 16 members. Before forming the club there were 21 people who attended several early discussions. The club has approximately 40 people on the mailing list.


Treasurers Report:

The treasury is in good shape. Some of these funds may be used to pay for the portable display layout. This possibility will be discussed at July meeting.




Dave Maynard demonstrated hand laying rail. It covered laying the road bed, cutting ties, laying rail, molding frogs, tapering rail in turn outs, also improvised spikes parts and tools. It was an excellent presentation and too detailed to explain here.