SHMRRC Minutes


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Meeting began at the Greentree Library for a slide presentation by Mark Sampagna of the Greentree Historical Society, concerning the building of the railroad tunnel under Greentree at the turn of the century.  After that we moved to Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.



            Jeff Graybill

            Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Dave Murphy

Dave Maynard

            Rich Aubel

            Paul Kwiecinski

            Rick Lambert

Bud Brock

Dale Vilsack

            Dave Tepe



Presidents Report:


   We will be setting up at Greenberg show July 21 &22 at the Monroeville Convention Center, Setup will begin at 3pm Friday.

The Mt. Lebanon Trolley project is moving forward.  The township will purchase the hardware as recommended my members with G scale experience.


Treasurers Report:


  The treasury remains in good shape. Moved and seconded, Dave Bodnar will be reimbursed for expenses related to the trolley.




Rich Aubel has purchased, and painted people figures for the trolley. 

He will be working on redoing the conductor figures to resemble Bill Baldwin the honoree of the project.   


Dave Bodnar has made a name tag modeled after a RR crossing sign with flashing LEDs.  They will be distributed at the Greenberg Show.  He has included a feature in the trolley so that the conductor will automatically rotate to face the correct direction when it reverses.

Warren has been helping Kent Millerís wife in sorting Kentís RR and tool collection.  His layout may be donated to Oil City.  Warren brought in Kentís tools and spare parts for taking by the members.