SHMRRC Minutes                                                        

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


The meeting was held at the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, Jeff Graybill presiding.



            Jeff Graybill

            Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Rich Auber

            Dave Murphy

            Dave Maynard

Dale Vilsack

            Paul Kwiecinski

            Rick Lambert

Alan Skwarla

Dave Tepe



Presidents Report:


            The Scott Park event went well.  The next event will be the Greenberg show in July with Division 2 NMRRA.  We need to have more people running trains.  At the next event we will try to work out a schedule.

            We have been meeting for 10 years. 

            Jeff suggested that we attempt to have guest speakers or demos as we had in the beginning.  If you know of anyone who could make a pertinent presentation invite a meeting.

            Kevin Servico donated some locomotives, rolling stock and buildings to members.

   Treasurers Report:


The treasury remains in good shape.  Dues were collected.





            Dale showed a control system for his home setup, replacing several circuit boards with a single board using an arduino chip and TV remote.

            Rich a small sign lit with miniature LEDS.  He also had small prototype raise able bridges that we may use to ease entrance to our oval.

            Dave Bodnar had a revised control system for his incline and ultra-miniature LEDs.  He had a recommendation for printed circuit boards.  Can anyone think of a way to incorporate the incline into our layout?