SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday March 28, 2012

Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


Jeff Grabill

Warren Ashbrook

Dave Maynard

Rick Lambert

Bud Brock

Dale Vilsak

Kent Miller

Paul Kwiecinski

Dave Tepe

Presidents Report:

We have received no word on space at the July Greenberg show.

There was a discussion concerning Iron Horse shop’s “Going out Of Business Sale. Dale has a few structures which will work in the Main Street portion of our N scale layout. These together with some available on the internet and Iron Horse will comprise a good portion of the street along the trolley line.


Treasurers Report:

No report


Dave Maynard demonstrated weathering rolling stock using an air brush and various water based craft paints. The car is placed on a kitchen type lazy susan so it can be rotated without touching then sprayed with clear matt spray such as Kryllon. The first color airbrushed is the base color of the car which makes the lettering and logos appear faded. This is followed with rust to the lower portions then various shades of gray etc. for the desired aged look. It is best to handle the car from underneath so as to maintain the dusty look; however touch-ups are easy to do.