SHMRRC Minutes

Thursday March 24, 2011

Meeting was held at the Castle Shannon Library, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


Jeff Graybill

Warren Ashbrook

Tom Frommer

Kent Miller

Chuck Dollins

Dave Tepe

Paul Kwiecinski

Presidents Report:

Jeff has not been able to attend last few meetings and will miss the next one.

Treasurers Report:

We received $40 from the Greenburg show. Dave Bodnar Treas., did not attend.

Old Business:

Continues to New Business.

New Business:

Vanadium Woods Senior Residence was discussed as a possible meeting site and possible set up location. We probably have to change the meeting day at this location. Alternate days were discussed but no decision was made. Keep checking e-mail for date and location.

Dave Bodnar will give a presentation on model railroad electronics at a future meeting.


Warren demonstrated several methods and products for creating water in your scenes. The most expensive is “Real Water” available in hobby shops for near $20. This is a single solution. Several epoxy products were discussed which use a mixture including a hardener. The scene can be enhanced by painting the bed the desired color and inserting debris or rocks appropriate to the scene prior or during the pour. Deep lakes may require several pours or layers. “Future” acrylic floor wax which is inexpensive can be use for shallow applications. Jeff showed the results of a clear varnish available at craft stores for about a dollar for about 4 ounces. It can be built up for fountains and water falls.