SHMRRC Minutes for the Monthly Meeting
Date: March 28, 2023
The meeting was held at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.

           Jeff Graybill, President
           Warren Ashbrook, Vice President
Dave Bodnar, Treasurer
Rich Aubel, Secretary
Dave Tepe
Dave Murphy
Dave Maynard
           Dale Vilsack
David Damp
Vince Lilja
John Kolonay
Bill Davies
J.R. Kolmer
Liz Kolmer
 Presidents Report:
The Scott Township show went well from setup through teardown. The trains ran very smoothly and performed well through the two days. Crowds were smaller than expected and it was suggested that we may want to take a year or two off from this location.  The Scott Township Library did not provide the support that we have had in the past.  Alternate locations were suggested to investigate including the Carnegie Library and the Upper St. Clair Recreation Center. Members are encouraged to suggest any additional sites that may be accommodating to our layout.
Information regarding the supplier of the SHMRRC shirts has been located and they will be contacted in regard to future orders.
Treasurers Report:
The total treasury amount is $5,327.25 which includes $4,492.25 in checking and $835.00 cash on hand.  The Treasurer is attempting to transfer some of the cash on hand into the checking account pending resolution of an ATM problem by the bank.
Dave Bodnar reported on his experience with Chat GPT and the results obtained from asking various questions including things from definitions to Arduino codes.
Dave demonstrated an array of addressable LEDís that he adapted to provide an improved method of making lightning. He also presented Wago connectors which can be used to join various sizes of wire with the ability to easily disconnect if needed.
John Kolonay presented a video of his new 3D printer as it produced a model of a farm building.
Next Meeting:
The next SHMRRC meeting will be at the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church at 7:00 pm on April 25, 2023