SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday May 25, 2016


Meeting was held at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, President Jeff Graybill presiding.



            Jeff Graybill

            Warren Ashbrook

Dave Bodnar

Bill Baldwin

            Rich Aubel

            Paul Kwiecinski

Bernie Gordon

Rick Lambert

Alex Binder

            Dave Maynard

            Dave Tepe


Presidents Report:

We will be setting up the modular layout in conjunction with Division 2 NMRA at the Greenberg show July 16 & 17.

The N scale layout is stored at the church and plans and groups will be organized for parts of the construction.  Jeff will be leveling the roadbed and installing track before scenery construction starts.  Jeff will be working on it Saturday the 27th   beginning 8AM, members are invited to come look and learn or help.

Talks with the Mt. Historical Society.  Are on hold until they let contracts for the building.

We are considering participating in the 2017 TCA convention and have applied for the Maker Fare Oct.14-15-16. 

We are checking prices on shirts to wear as “uniforms” during our public displays. Dave Bodnar and Warren Ashbrook are working on the graphics.  Estimated price for Tees $10 and $35 for Polo or golf type shirts.  We will most likely purchase from Sunburst Sportswear on Castle Shannon Blvd. 


Treasurers Report:

The treasury remains in good shape.



Dave Bodnar showed 2 scratch made DCC controllers and gears cut from wood using a laser cutter.  Dave also made a servo device for animation on Rich Auber’s module.  Rich showed Laser cure glue for fast adhesion and some HO scale figures, hand painted with modified poses.