South Hills Model Railroad Club

Meeting Minutes for November 19th, 2009


Meeting Attendees:

Jeff Graybill

Paul Hanson

Dave Maynard

Dave Bodnar

Kent Miller

Warren Ashbrook

Bill Baldwin

Dave Tepe

Paul Kwiecinski

Chuck Dollins


President’s Report:

-         New Monroeville Convention Center (Good Building / Bad Location)

-         I will try to schedule an outing to Scenic Express


Treasurer’s Report:


     No Activity


Secretary’s Report:

-         None


Old Business:

-         Leg Height for NRMA Division 2 show? 50” height (by unanimous vote)


New Business:

-         Looking to get us free meals / No admission if just presenting layout

-         Find out about January / February full Saturday setup.


Next Meeting:

-         No meeting in December (Happy Holidays)

-         Next meeting is January 21st, 2010 – Elections, Dues, General Topics

-         Work Sessions start again at Paul Hanson’s (2nd & 4th Saturday’s of January)