South Hills Model Railroad Club

Meeting Minutes for October 15th, 2009


Meeting Attendees:

Jeff Graybill

Paul Hanson

Dave Maynard

Dave Bodnar

Kent Miller

Warren Ashbrook


President’s Report:

-         We are locked into the NMRA Division 2 display in April at Robert Morris University.  Details forthcoming.

-         We already have 4 NMRA members (Hanson, Brock, Miller, Baldwin)

-         Back at Castle Shannon Library next month.

-         Great tree making article in Model Railroad this month.


Treasurer’s Report:




    - $25.00




Secretary’s Report:

-         None


Old Business:

-         None


New Business:

-         What height legs do we want to have for the NMRA show? 32” or 50”?



-         New issue of online Model Railroad Magazine is out.