SHMRRC Minutes                                                        
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
The meeting was held at the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, Jeff Graybill presiding.
            Jeff Graybill
Warren Ashbrook
Dave Bodnar
Rich Auber
            Dale Vilsack
Bud Brock
            Dave Maynard
Rick Lambert
Paul Kwiecinski
Dave Tepe
Presidents Report
We will not set up at the November Greenberg show because the Mt. Lebanon Holiday Light Night setup Nov. 21.  Individual members may join with Div. 2.
The Scott Twp. Setup is probably March 5.
           The Science Center Locomotion Weekend has not been confirmed for January
As of this date the Science Center web site shows no date for Locomotion weekend.
The Mt. Lebanon setup will start after noon the Nov. 21 and be running by 6PM.  Paul is working on getting some train sets for raffle Light Night.
The next meeting will be December 4.
Bud is working on having several presentations for the Jan. and Feb. meetings.
Warren and Bud have dissembled Kentís layout.  If you are interested in any of this equipment contact them.
Treasurers Report:
The treasury remains in good shape.
Dave Bodnar showed a circuit board and leds to simulate thunder and lightning, a string of leds that are activated by sound in different modes determined by a handheld remote control, and a relay that can be normally open or normally closed depending on a jumper on the circuit board.  A handheld taser like device sort of like a miniature Tesla coil.
Bud is detailing a boxcar by replacing the plastic floor with wood planks.
Dale has improved his Christmas music train with 4-wheel pickup on the tender to avoid dropouts when going over dead spots on the rail.  The train plays 18 songs with a calliope like sound.
Rich has a Model Railroader library on CD for loan to members and a small caliper/micrometer with digital readout.  The price was $9.97.  I didnít get where, see Ritch.