SHMRRC Minutes

Wednesday September 30, 2015

 Meeting was held at Vanadium Woods, President Jeff Graybill presiding.


            Jeff Graybill

            Warren Ashbrook

            Dave Bodnar

Dave Maynard

            Kent Miller

            Rick Lambert

            Bill Baldwin

            Rich Aubel

            Dale Vilsack

            Bud Brock

            Dave Tepe

 Presidents Report:

We will be displaying our modular layout at the Maker Faire Oct. 10 to 12. Load in and set up is Friday the 9th.  Check  Other upcoming events are Mt. Lebanon Light Night Nov. 19 and 20., also Science Ctr. We have no definite date for the Science Ctr.  Members were urged to spruce up their modules for these events.

Talks are ongoing with the Mt. Lebanon Historical Society.  We will need to take care of some legal matters in conjunction with this and hire an attorney.  

Work on the N scale project will begin after the first of the year.   

Treasurers Report:

            The treasury remains in good shape


            Dave Bodnar showed a video monitor which operates wirelessly with his car mounted camera.