SHMRRC Minutes


Meeting was held mAY 30, 2018


Jeff Graybill, Warren Ashbrook, Dave Bodnar, Dave Tepe. 
Rich Auber, Dave Maynard, Rick Lambert, Dave Murphy,Dale Vilsack.

Presidents Report:
We will be doing the Greenberg show July setting up Fri. and taking down Sun.
The Library project is progressing, with the township responsible for the carpentry.
Dave Bodnar will be reimbursed for the motor and trolley expenses.
The History Center project is on hold. 
The N scale project may be revived.

Treasurers Report:

Dave Maynard showed a G scale trestle made on 3/8 PVC sticks.
Dale showed a test track circle HO and N scale track with DCC controlled with an app he wrote for an android smart phone.
Dave Murphy brought flashing LED strips which can be cut to any length and still flash.