By-laws of the South Hills Model Railroad Club

1. Purpose


The purpose of the By-laws will be to provide operational procedures for the Club. The By-laws will be the rules of the Club, subject to the provisions of the Constitution. 



2. Definitions


A. Club Year
The Club Year shall begin in January, and continue until the end of December.


B. Committees
A committee may consist of any number of people, ranging from two to the entire Membership.  Any member may be a committee chairperson or committee member.
Committee chairpersons should be chosen for their expertise and willingness to work on a particular aspect of the Club's activities. 



3. Dues


A. The method of collection and the amount of the dues shall be determined by a vote of the Active Membership at the January Annual Business meeting.


B. New members do not have to pay dues but will be unable to have the rights of their respective membership class until dues are paid.


C. Dues must be paid in full to have running privileges on a layout.


D. Any member may set up a payment plan for dues with the treasurer, who will set appropriate terms that are in line with the Constitution and By Laws


4. Meetings


A. Regular meetings will be scheduled as determined by a vote of the Active Membership at the January Annual Business meeting.


B. One meeting of every month will be proclaimed a business meeting.


5. Committees


Membership in committees.
1. The chairperson of each committee shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of a majority of the Club Membership.
2. Each Club member shall express his/her preference for working on a committee or committees. If he/she feels qualified to be chairperson, or knows of someone else who is, he/she should bring this to the attention of the President.


B. Chairperson
The chairperson of a committee shall be responsible for advising members of the committee on how projects are to be done, considering any suggestions made by the committee members.


C. Committees
1. Building & Bridge Committee
The building and bridge committee shall have charge of the construction of all buildings and bridges on the layout.


2. Electrical Committee
The electrical committee shall have charge of all electrical and electronic portions of the layout, including controls, signals, switch machines, power supplies and wiring.

3. Library Committee
The library committee shall have charge of the club's collection of magazines, books, maps, photographs, drawings, and charts.

4. Maintenance of Way (MOW) Committee
The MOW committee shall have charge of all necessary maintenance of the track, ties, ballast and sub-roadbed of the layout. Construction of new lines must be approved by the club membership.

5. Rolling Stock/Motive Power Committee
The rolling stock/motive power committee shall have charge of all club cars and locomotives and keeping these in operating condition. This committee shall also be responsible for checking cars and locomotives on the layout, to ensure that they are within standards for smooth operation (wheels in gauge, coupler heights, car weight, motors operational, etc). This committee is also responsible for the inventory of the Club's cars and locomotives.

6. Scenery Committee
The scenery committee shall have charge of the construction and maintenance of all terrain and scenery on the layout. New construction of terrain or major changes of terrain or scenery must be approved by a majority vote.


7. Operations Committee
The operations committee shall have charge of the organization and supervision of the operations of trains over Club trackage. Approval of member owned equipment will also be handled by this chair.

8. Public Relations Committee
The public relations committee is responsible for communications of the club with the public. This committee will also be responsible for working closely with the Club Secretary to work on advertising for every Club Open House and greet visitors to the layout.


D. Special Committees
Special committees may be created at any time by the President of the Club, and a chairperson will be appointed to head these committees. (Travel, Anniversary, etc.)


E. Special Note
Many of the committee responsibilities overlap and will be determined on a project to project basis. Conflicts will be submitted to a vote for resolution.


6. Expenditures for Club materials


A. Purchases should be made from the lowest cost supplier, unless determined otherwise by the club.


B. Club purchases must be approved by a majority vote of the membership.  Items may be voted on individually or as a list.  If a specific item(s) on a list is(are) in question, it(they) may be removed from the list, and voted on separately.


C. Emergency purchases of the club can be decided upon by the officers up to the amount of $75.00.  An explanation and justification of emergency purchases must be made at the next business meeting.


7. Guests

Guests of the Club, upon the invitation of a member, and while a member and at least one officer is present, may:

A. Operate the layout only if:

            1.  a member approves the equipment to be operated.
            2. the equipment to be operated is that of the member giving permission.

B. Work on the layout only if:

            1. a committee approves the work to be done.
            2. the work to be done is on that committee's project.


C. Guests will normally be permitted at Business Meetings, but the club reserves the right to close part or all of a meeting to the public.


8. Club Responsibility


A. The Club, its Members, and Officers shall not be responsible for personal property, equipment, or tools while located in the Club room. 


B. All equipment not owned by the club should remain off of the layout during non-operational meetings.


C. Members are responsible for all personal equipment and tools. Members leave these in the club room at their own risk.  


9. Amendment of the By-laws


The By-laws may be amended at any regular business meeting of the Club. The passing vote must be by simple majority.




Drafted on 15 November 2007.
Final approval by Membership given on 19 December 2007.


Previously issued documents void