South Hills Model Railroad Club

SHMRRC Free-Mo Information
revised 8-01-10

As the South Hills Model Railroad Club designs and builds its modular layout we will document selected projects here.

Plastic Pipe Module Legs

Electrical Connections & Connectors

DCC Connections

JMRI Notes

JMRI XML files for Decoder Pro

Module Paint Code (this one is from Lowe's)

"House Rules" - (subject to modification)

  1. A member must make or partner with someone to build 90 degrees of curve.

  2. If you build something "weird" (not to Free-mo standards or house rules), you need to make the extra module to "fix it."

  3. Strive to build modules or chunks of layout in 4 ft. increments.

  4. Mainline must be Code 83 (I know, a reiteration of the Free-mo standard, but we agreed at the meeting)

  5. No. 6 frog turnouts on the mainline.

  6. Minimum radius of 30" on the mainline.

    That's all for now, and remember, these aren't all set in stone ..... yet.

for information please email